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Generator sets, pumps and parts in the inland shipping are part of the core businesses of DBR BV.
Since 1965 DBR has a reputation as reliable partner in producing custom made, brand independent Generator sets and Pump sets. DBR produces generator sets for all type of inland shipping applications

Often used brands for dredging Industry are the engine brands Volvo or John Deere with Stamford generators. For pumps reliable brands like Johnson and Varisco pumps are mostly used.


Type of Vessels

DBR supplies Ialand Shipping Generator sets and pumps for:

  • cargo vessels
  • chemical vessels
  • dry loading vessels


DBR is specialised in Generator sets for:

  • auxiliary use
  • emergency use
  • harbour use (or combined with emergency use)
  • bow thrusters / loading pump systems

DBR supplies

  • generator sets
  • pump sets
  • pumps
  • pressure set installations
  • parts


How DBR assures the reliability of the generator sets, pumps and other marine equipment use on seagoing vessels?


 During the project DBR supports you in:

  • electrical and mechanical engineering
  • drawings
  • installation and instructions
  • classification
  • documentation

Testing and certification

DBR packages the generator sets according to the specific quality and safety regulations for Shipping Industry like BV or LRS and latest valid emission regulation (CCNR). The DBR Generator sets are tested before installation according to these classification rules.


Testing on board by DBR Commissioning Engineers provides reliability and sustainability on board of your vessel.


DBR can support you in the operation of Generator sets and Pumps sets by training programs. Training of service employees takes place in-house, on board or at manufacturer.


DBR works with qualified partners to guarantee customers service and maintenance. DBR has its own maintenance and 24/7 service.


In many cases regular maintenance prevents failures in installations. DBR can perform maintenance work in its own facilities and on board.


  • insurance parts
  • maintenance parts
  • 2-year s spare parts
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