Defence power solutions

Designing power plant systems that meet requirements for the highest levels of Defence, requires expert attention to system architecture and equipment redundancy. Reliable power is essential for defence equipment that can help keep communication and data secure everywhere in the world.
DBR has been a valued partner regarding power supply for defence for years. By sharing ideas about combining engineering and experience at an early stage, DBR works together with technical expert of Defence to optimize new power supply systems.
Reliability, robustness and compact design combined with operations in harsh environment conditions and under extreme temperature differences like minus 32 up to 58 degrees Celsius, are regular requirements for Military power solutions.
The well trained DBR experts are well known with the stringent Military specifications, EMC compatibility, MIL standards. DBR converts this knowledge into customer specific Military Power solutions.

DBR military power solutions

– Power plants for Defence missions
– Industrial Generator sets
– Containerized Power Solutions
– Marine applications.

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