DBR Generator sets

DBR is full service provider of customized power solutions in the field of power supply for ships, offshore platforms and onshore applications.
The main feature is brand independence of the solutions. The starting point is the wish of our customers, combined with environmental factors and experience of the DBR specialists and this is developed into a suitable proposal.

DBR is OEM and brand independent packager and select for you the right combination of reliable engines and generators to fulfill your power requirement. By means of giving power rating and climatic data is an appropriate proposal developed.
The engines we use are Caterpillar, Cummins, MAN, Mitsubishi, MTU, Perkins, Scania, Volvo Penta and mostly packaged with Leroy Somer or Newage Stamford alternators.

For the following power solutions up to 4500kVA you can rely on DBR as your full service provider:

Marine & Offshore Generator sets

Reliability, stability, low maintenance and high availability of parts are the necessary factors for a variety of Marine & Offshore (emergency power) applications. DBR designs, builds and tests in-house generator sets based on customers specific demand, according to the required IACS classifications. The product specialists of DBR Generator sets can also support you with constructing the right power solution on seagoing vessels, including tankers, cable layers, Offshore Supply Vessels, Jack-Up Rigs, Drill Rigs, FPSO and FSO vessels and crane barges.

Offshore Wind Generator sets

As of today, DBR delivered generator sets to more than 35 Windfarms and is market leader in this segment. Reliability, stability, low maintenance and high availability of parts are the necessary factors for Offshore Wind (emergency power) applications. DBR designs, builds and tests in-house Offshore Wind generator sets according to our customers specific demands and line line with the required IACS classifications. The product specialists of DBR Generator sets can also support you in constructing the right solution to power the substations of the wind farms.

The power requirements for Windfarms vary between 500kVA and 4000kVA and most of them are delivered in DNV-GL2.7-1 or 2.7-3 Offshore Containers.

Onshore Diesel Generator sets

For onshore applications, the DBR specialists will firstly investigate whether it is possible to work with a standard generator set. DBR delivers brand independent power solutions in the field of (emergency power) aggregates for land use. If the requirements are specific, DBR is able to design, build and test a suitable customized solution for land applications. DBR delivers turn-key power solutions for all land based power requirements including hospitals, datacenters, construction and heavy industry as well as stand-by power application in utilities and infra projects.

Critical Emergency Generator sets

Generator sets are reliable and stable especially when grid is instable or not available. That is necessary in the industrial emergency power market. The product specialists of DBR Generatorsets helps you to find solutions for emergency power supply for your specific situation. For onshore applications DBR supplies turn-key emergency power supply solutions for i.e.: Datacenters, Pharmaceutical industry, Chemical plants, Hospitals, Compressor stations, Parking houses and complete power plants.

Gas Generator Sets

The DBR Gas generator sets are powering land based and marine based applications worldwide. For land based Gas Generator sets, DBR is your partner for engineering, design and delivery in Open base frame or Containerized packages. With a power management system, you are able to run in parallel with other generator sets to fulfill your requirements. For Marine Gas Generator sets with low exhaust emissions, you can also rely on DBR experience as full service provider. With DBR’s many years of experience in the Marine & Offshore, Your Marine Gas generator sets will be equipped with high end materials to fulfill the hardest requirements and are according to the IACS class requirements.

Defence Generator sets

The scope of supply according to the MIL spec, material selection and robustness are extremely important for the required reliability and durability for Military generator sets applications.

DBR’s scope will reach far beyond the limits.

Reliability, robustness and compact design, combined with operations in harsh environmental conditions under extreme temperatures – 32 up to 58 degrees Celsius are mandatory requirements for Military power solutions.

Super Yacht Generator sets

Our extensive experience of over 55 years and the know-how of the Dutch Yacht Industry, gained by supplying generator packages, including emission and particulate filters to all major Dutch Yards , is incorporated in the DBR E-Motion Series. The DBR E-Motion Series provides reliability and smooth operation and guarantees a high quality standard on board of Super Yachts.
Data centers, airports and hospitals are in need of an exceptional degree of safety, reliability and stability in their power supply. The Diesel Rotary Uninterruptible Power Supply (DRUPS) combines a flywheel-powered, No-Break UPS and a diesel generator. Most uninterruptible power supplies are powered by battery or flywheel. In the event of a mains failure the stored energy within the UPS provides limited energy for a number of seconds or minutes only. When mains supply fails, the flywheel releases its energy into the diesel generator for a quick start-up. Then the diesel generator supplies energy for the UPS and ensures a continuous power supply until mains returns.