DBR Fuel Treatment System

DBR has developed an in-line and offline full autonomous fuel filtering system. The DBR fuel treatment system extends the life time of the fuel and reduces the maintenance costs of the equipment. DBR established a full autonomous offline fuel treatment system specifically for Offshore Windfarm Substations.

The Diesel Generator sets on the Offshore Windfarm Substations are used as auxiliary, standby or emergency power and run especially in the first years after installation or in case of emergency.

Although the substation is unmanned, the generator sets need to be able to run several days or even weeks uninterrupted  in the event of an emergency situation. Large fuel storage tanks are located at the substations for such emergency situations.

To maintain the quality and life time of the fuel, between the diesel storage tank and the day tank, a fuel treatment system can be installed.

Lower temperatures and related temperature fluctuations cause condensed water in the fuel tanks. Water in fuel causes bacteria. Bacteria decreases the quality of the fuel. Bad fuel quality causes wear and tear in the diesel engine or it even may lead to a shutdown of the generator sets.

The result is that fuel needs to be changed and most likely extensive repairs will need to be carried out, which is commercially not attractive.

With a dedicated designed fuel treatment system the growth of bacteria will be prevented, the lifetime of the fuel will be extended  and maintenance costs of the equipment will be reduced.

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