Healthcare power solutions

Healthcare is an important sector in the society. Hospital and clinic staff are working hard to improve patient outcomes while simultaneously controlling costs.

With health information exchanges, data analytics and increased patient connectivity part of everyday operations, health care facilities need reliable power they can count on. And that’s on top of the fact that power can be a life-sustaining necessity for patients.

Critical power supply

Each interruption of power supply in a hospital causes serious consequences. Even though such failures are rare, they pose a risk against health institutions. To prevent accidents, every hospital is legally obliged to have an autonomous emergency power system.

DBR provides customer specific critical power supply solutions to keep the systems stable, reliable and protect data as well in case of a power failure. DBR can help you to find the perfect emergency power supply system. 

DBR-UPS Power Solution

A fully integrated emergency power plant from DBR with UPS consists of three main parts:
The diesel emergency power generator: this provides the emergency power supply for the entire application
The rotating UPS: this is the heart (almost literally) of the power supply of critical parts of the system
The automation and control: these elements ensure the extremely precise cooperation between the parts and the public network, whereby switching must be carried out on the basis of high measuring accuracy and milliseconds

DBR- Rotating UPS Power Solution

A rotating UPS system basically resembles a standard generator, but includes a flywheel and an electric clutch. The system runs on the regular power supply. The kinetic energy generated thereby is sufficient to absorb the voltage drop between the loss of the mains and the start-up of the emergency power generator. The user does not notice a power cut this at all and continuing their processes without any power interuption.

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