DBR Power Solutions

Generator sets

DBR Generator sets DBR is full service provider of customized power solutions in the field of power supply for ships, offshore platforms and onshore applications.The main feature is brand independence of the solutions. The starting point is the wish of our customers, combined with environmental factors and experience of the DBR specialists and this is developed into a suitable proposal.DBR is OEM and brand independent packager and select for you the right combination of reliable engines and generators to fulfill your power requirement. By means ...
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Pump sets The consistent quality and reliability of DBR Pumps & Parts is guaranteed by a number of key factors, including well trained personnel, training, modern workshops, test facilities and close cooperation with our suppliers as well as more than 20 years of experience. DBR supplies a wide variety of pump types, including:– Manual controlled pumps– Side channel pumps– Membrane pumps– Gear pumps, screw pumps– Self suction centrifugal pumps– Pistion pumps– Engine driven pumps– Submersible pumps– Rubber impeller pumps– Hose pump– Multi stage centrifugal pumps– ...
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Selective Catalyst Reduction

DBR/HUG Exhaust Gas Treatment systems The increasingly strict regulations regarding the reduction of exhaust gas emissions and in particular NOx emissions (IMO regulations) are leading to the demand for “clean” engines.Marine engines in vessels with keel-laying dates on or after January 1, 2016, must comply with specified nitrogen oxide emission limits in ECA zones under the new IMO Tier III rules. Based on current technology, the easiest way to achieve this is using a SCR exhaust gas purification system.DBR/HUG Exhaust Gas Treatment systems can meet ...
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Fuel Treatment Systems

DBR Fuel Treatment System DBR has developed an in-line and offline full autonomous fuel filtering system. The DBR fuel treatment system extends the life time of the fuel and reduces the maintenance costs of the equipment. DBR established a full autonomous offline fuel treatment system specifically for Offshore Windfarm Substations.The Diesel Generator sets on the Offshore Windfarm Substations are used as auxiliary, standby or emergency power and run especially in the first years after installation or in case of emergency.Although the substation is unmanned, the ...
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Hydraulic Power Units

Hydraulic Power Units Previous Next The DBR specialists are highly experienced in designing and developing tailor-made diesel driven HPU packages according to the latest classification and emissions requirements for the HPU niche market. Reliability, stability, low maintenance and high availability of parts are the necessary factors for Offshore & Marine applications. DBR designs and builds Tailor made Hydraulic Power Units (HPU) for the Offshore and Marine industries with a capacity up to 3500L/min. DBR provides the Diesel driven HPU packages for Offshore lifting purposes in ...
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